Pre-Production Aircraft 02 (102) - Exteriors Page 2

Pictures of Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) - Taken at Paris Orly Airport, France, in September 2002

Concorde 02 on display outside Orly Airport, Paris.

A red warning light is fitted to the top of the tail, as the aircraft is near the airport runway.

The vertical stabiliser and two-piece rudder. The small holes under the tail are the fuel vents.

02 was the first Concorde to be fitted with a tail bumper wheel rather than a skid. Unfortunately it is retracted, so it's not visible here.

The left wing and the no1 and 2 engine nacelle mounted underneath. Another view of the complex shape that is the Concorde delta wing.

Looking forward from the main gear.

The main gear doors, in the closed position, are at the top of the picture.

Under the aircraft is another VHF communications antenna.

Access to the interior of the aircraft at Orly is via the main passenger door.

Looking aft from the foot of the steps.


At the start of the wing one of the retractable landing lights can be seen.

The nose is kept in the raised position to provide a degree of protection from the weather. The aerodynamic 'air strakes' are seen here under the cockpit windows. They help smooth the airflow over the wings.
From half-way up the passenger steps, the twist and camber of the wing shape can be seen, especially towards the wing tip.

The centre over-wing door is open here, to aid cooling.

At the start of the wing the navigation strobe light is visible

Looking forward from the top of the steps.

The aircraft is named 'Jean Franchi' after a former Concorde captain.

Looking aft from the top of the steps.

The Concorde wing - drooping down towards the edges. Another shot toward the rear of the aircraft.
The windows are very small. This is for safety: if one were to break at 60,000 ft the air would not escape too quickly, allowing passengers time to put on their oxygen masks.

The no1 and 2 engine intakes under the left wing.