Number 209 : F-BVFC


Aircraft Number 209 
Current registration  F-BVFC
Manufacturer's Serial Number 100 -009
Production Variant Number  101
Maiden Flight  9th July 1976 : Toulouse, France
Air France Delivery:- 3rd August 1976
Registration history:- First Registered as F-BVFC to Air France  

12th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as N94FC by Air France / Braniff Airways

1st June 1980 aircraft re-registered as F-BVFC by Air France
Final Flight  June 27th 2003 : AF6903 : Paris Charles De Gaulle - Toulouse
Hours Flown  14,332 Hrs
Landings 4,358
Supersonic Flights Feb 2002 4,200
Current Useage Retired from service to the Airbus Factory at Toulouse, France.

Went through D check from March 1997 - May 1998
After the accident the aircraft was marooned in New York for 3 months, before she was flown home, to what many thought would be the final Air France Concorde flight

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F-BVFC on take-off from Paris' CDG airport. This is the picture on the front page of Concorde SST and was taken by Bernard Charles.

Fox Charlie returns to Paris at the AF001 from New York in July 2002

Picture by Philippe Noret

A rare picture as the aircraft departs with the nose fully down during a go-around practise. This was taken during a training session at Varty in Sept 2002.

Picture by Philippe Noret

Fox-Charlie departs at the start of a training sortie at Vatry, in Sep 2002

Picture by Philippe Noret

F-BVFC takes-off from JFK, New York, on its homeward bound return flight in September 2000.

Concorde receives an emotional welcome home to Paris from the Air France Staff after being marooned in the US, after the Accident in July 2000.

Concorde F-BVFC Departs from Paris, June 2002, under full re-heated power.

Picture by Philippe Noret

Foc-Charlie Departs from Paris, on a damp April in 2003, as cvan be seen from the water vapour on the wings

Picture by Paul Marais-Hayer