Number 213 : F-BTSD

Picture by Philippe Noret
Aircraft Number 213 
Current registration  F-BTSD
Manufacturer's Serial Number 100 -013
Production Variant Number  101
Maiden Flight  26th June 1978 : Toulouse, France
Air France Initial Delivery:- 18th September 1978 (as lease)
Registration and Ownership history:- First Registered as F-WJAM to Aerospatiale  

14th September 1978 aircraft re-registered as F-BTSD by Aerospatiale

18th September 1978 aircraft leased to Air France

12th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as N94SD by Air France / Braniff Airways

12th March 1979 aircraft re-registered as F-BTSD and returned to Aerospatiale

9th May 1980 aircraft leased to Air France

23rd October 1980 aircraft was purchased by Air France
Final Passenger Flight May 31st 2003 : AF001 : New York JFK - Paris Charles De Gaulle
Final Flight June 14th 2003 : AF380Y: Paris CDG- Paris Le Bourget
Total Hours Flown 12,974 Hrs
Total Landings 5,135
Supersonic Cycles
Nov 2001
Current Useage

Retired from service to Le Bourget Air and Space museum, Paris, France

Notes F-BTSD holds the world records for fastest flights around the world in both directions:
  • Westbound RTW: 12-13 October 1992: 32 hours 49 minutes 03 seconds

    Lisbon-Santo Domingo-Acapulco-Honolulu-Guam-Bangkok- Bahrain-Lisbon

  • Eastbound RTW: 15-16 August 1995: 31 hours 27 minutes 49 seconds

    New York/JFK-Toulouse-Dubai-Bangkok-Guam (Andersen AFB)- Honolulu-Acapulco-New York/JFK

The Eastbound (1995) record is the current GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS official world record.

In April 1996 F-BTSD was painted in a Special Pespi livery when Pepsi Cola undertook a major $500 million US re-branding project.
For more details see the Pepsi page in the Key events section

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F-BTSD coming in for a touch and go landing at Vatry, during a training session in September 2002. Air France Concorde 213, F-BTSD powers out of Vatry Airport duirng a traning session. Notice that aux air inlet on engine 1 has failed to open although the other 3 are open.
F-BTSD on a world tour. Air France Concorde 213, F-BTSD. This picture displays a slightly older Air France livery. The livery does not have the 12 European stars at the top of the tail but the aircraft letters SD
F-BTSD was painted in the Pepsi livery for 2 weeks in the mid 1990's
Picture of aircraft at Dublin by Carl Ford
F-BTSD Taxing at Paris CDG Airport in July 2002
Picture by Philippe Noret
F-BTSD flew the return to service flight for Air France on 7th Nov 2002
Picture by Philippe Noret
Sierra Delta during crew training session in April 2002
Picture by Philippe Noret