Number 215 : F-BVFF


Aircraft Number 215 
Current registration  F-BVFF
Manufacturer's Serial Number 100 -015
Production Variant Number  101
Maiden Flight  26th December 1978 : Toulouse, France
Air France Delivery:- 23rd October 1980
Registration history:- First Registered as F-WJAN to Aerospatiale 

23rd October 1980 aircraft re-registered as F-BVFF and delivered to Air France
Final Flight 11th June 2000 - AF4586 Charter
Hours Flown 12,421 Hrs
Landings 4,259
Supersonic Cycles 3,734
Current Useage Withdrawn from service and stored at CDG airport Paris

In 1986 F-BVFF was the first Air France Concode to travel around the world on an Chater flight. it would complete 12 further trips in its operation life.

A month before the accident the aircraft was withdrawn from service to provide parts for F-BTSD, that was completing its D check. Once Sierra-Delta was back in service, work would start on Fox-Fox's D check.

Work started on the check in April 2002, after the safety modifications were complete on F-BVFA. The aircraft was 60% of the way through its check when it was announced that Concorde services would stop. Work was stopped and the aircraft cosmetically re-assembled

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F-BVFF departs from Paris in June 1998.

Picture courtesy of Philippe Noret

Fox-Fox at Rio in Feb 1997

Picture by Daniel R Carneiro

Aircraft 215 on the ground at San Diego in 1988

Picture from Jean-Louis Delezenne

F-BVFF takes off from San Diego in 1988

Picture from Jean-Louis Delezenne

Concorde 215's Cockpit at Paris in the late 1990's

Picture by Bernard Charles

F-BVFF at nice airport.

Picture from Jean-Louis Delezenne

F-BVFF at Paris CDg on Jan 19th 2005

Picture from Patricia @

Fox-Fox in storage at CDG awaiting her move to her(his) final location in the next few years.

Picture from Paul Marais-Hayer -