The method used to transcribe the recording consisted of faithfully reproducing, almost phonetically, what was heard, without interpretation or extrapolation. However, knowledge of procedures and technical terms currently in use is sometimes very helpful for the comprehens"n of certain words or parts of words. This was why several aircrew who knew the voices of the crew, the background noise of a Concorde cockpit and the various alarms joined in with this work. In addition, filtering adapted to the flight segment allowing reduct"n of the parasite background noise was used to improve the intelligibility of the recording.

The beginning of the recording was at 14 h 12 min 23 s. Item 17 on the checklist, "cockpit check" was under way. This was followed by the "pre-start-up" checklist, engine starting, the "post start-up", "taxi" and "pre-takeoff" check lists. The complete transcript of the recording is downloadable from the Final Report's Appendix 2

Of the whole thirty minutes on the CVR, the following elements are of note: