Bureau Enquêtes-Accidents
Ministére de l'Equipement des Transports et du Logement - Inspection Générale de l'Aviation
Civile et de la Météorologie - France
Preliminary Report - Translation
Accident on 25 July 2000 at "La Patte d'Oie" in Gonesse (95)
to the Concorde registered F-BTSC
operated by Air France


This document is based on the initial data collected on the circumstances of the accident. The investigation is continuing. Information on some points may evolve. It will only be possible to issue a final report on the circumstances and causes of this accident when all of the investigative work has been completed. Neither the presentation of the present report nor any of the issues raised should be interpreted as indicative of the direction the investigation will take or the conclusions to which the investigation will come. In accordance with Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, with EC directive 94/56 and with Law N99-243 of 29 March 1999, the analysis of the accident and the conclusions and safety recommendations contained in this report are intended neither to apportion blame, nor to assess individual or collective responsibility. The sole objective is to draw lessons from this occurrence which may help to prevent future accidents or incidents. In accordance with Law n 78-753 of 17 July 1978, this document is released subject to literary and artistic copyright. Copying, distribution or the use of this document for commercial purposes is forbidden.


This report has been translated and published by the Bureau Enquétes-Accidents to make its reading easier for English-speaking people. As accurate as the translation may be, the original text in French is the work of reference.


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Date and time Tuesday 25 July 2000 at 14 h 44[1]
Aircraft Concorde
registered F-BTSC
Site of accident La Patte dOie in Gonesse (95)
Owner Air France
Operator Air France
Type of flight Charter flight Flight AFR 4590
Persons on board Flight Crew: 3
Cabin Crew: 6
Passengers: 100


During takeoff from runway 26 right at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, shortly before rotation, the front right tyre of the left landing gear was damaged and pieces of the tyre were thrown against the aircraft structure. A major fire broke out under the left wing. Problems appeared shortly afterwards on engine N 2 and for a brief period on engine N 1. The aircraft was neither able to climb nor accelerate. The crew found that the landing gear would not retract. The aircraft maintained a speed of 200 kt and a radio altitude of 200 feet for about one minute. Engine n 1 then stopped. The aircraft crashed onto a hotel at La Patte dOie in Gonesse.

People Equipment

Killed Injured Uninjured
Crew 9 - -
Passengers 100 - - Destroyed
Third parties 4 6 -


On Tuesday 25 July 2000 at around 14 h 50 UTC, the BEA was informed of the accident to a Concorde in the commune of Gonesse (95) after takeoff from Paris Charles de Gaulle. In accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the law of 29 March 1999 relating to technical investigation of accidents and incidents in civil aviation, a technical investigation was launched. A Principal Investigator was nominated as Investigator-in-Charge.

In accordance with the provisions of Annex 13, a British accredited representative and two investigators from the AAIB, accompanied by several experts from BAE SYSTEMS and Rolls Royce, joined the investigation as representatives of the State of Manufacture, along with German (BFU) and American (NTSB and FAA) observers. Air France, EADS and SNECMA made numerous experts available to the BEA.

The Minister of Equipment, Transport and Housing established a Commission of Inquiry, in accordance with the law of 29 March 1999. This Commission has assisted the BEA in its work. Two meetings were held in the course of which the Commission was informed of the progress of the investigation. The Commission approved the process.

The Investigator-in-Charge established seven working groups to find and collate the information necessary for the investigation. The groups worked in the following specific areas:

These groups have worked continuously since 27 July. Two plenary sessions of the working groups took place on the 3rd and 22 August to summarise the progress of the investigation.

All operations carried out at the site or on parts of the aircraft have been conducted in co-ordination with those responsible for the judicial investigation, in accordance with judicial procedures. The accident site and all parts of the aircraft are under the control of the judicial authorities. The majority of technical examinations have yet to be performed.

On 16 August, on the basis of the findings of the investigation, the BEA and its British counterpart the AAIB issued an initial safety recommendation.

The initial results from the investigation are contained in this report, which has been presented to, and approved by, the Commission of Inquiry.