10.1 General

Paris Charles de Gaulle Aerodrome currently has one northern runway 09/27 and two southern parallel runways 08/26. Work was being carried out on the north runway, from 15 June to 17 August 2000, and its available length was reduced during this period of time from 3 600 to 2 700 metres, its width being unchanged at 45 metres.

Runway 08L/26R (26 right) is 4 215 m long and 45 m wide. Runway 08R/26L is 2 900 m long and 60 m wide.

Runway 26R has 600 m of tarmac followed by 7.5 metre square concrete slabs, its threshold being at an altitude of 312 feet.

The aerodrome has two fire fighting centres, a north RFFS and a south RFFS. Each centre is able to mobilise the men and equipment required for a Category 9 airport such as Paris Charles de Gaulle.

10.2 Runway Inspections

ADP Note 10/AD/98 specifies three daily inspections in addition to the lighting inspection: before 7 h 00, around 14 h 00 and around 21 h 00 local time.

On 25 July at around 04 h 30 (local time), an inspection of the runway was performed in two passes by a flyco runway inspection vehicle. Nothing was reported.

At around 14 h 30, a partial inspection of the runway was performed by a flyco vehicle in the vicinity of taxiway W2 following suspicion of a bird strike.

Between 14 h 35 and 15 h 10, an exercise with several fire service vehicles took place on runways 26 right and 26 left. To allow for this exercise, the runway inspection planned for 15 h 00 was delayed.