14 - FIRE

An intense fire started under the left wing, in an area not provided with extinguishing equipment, while the aircraft was accelerating between V1 and VR.

On impact, the aircraft was immediately engulfed in fire. The intensity of the fire caused exposed plastic parts of the neighbouring hotel to be melted together. This is characteristic of a high temperature fireball.

Alerted by a fireman, the brigade from the south fire station at Paris Charles de Gaulle aerodrome immediately set out. At the same time, at 14 h 43, the crash alarm was activated via the local network by the controllers on duty at the southern lookout post. Eight minutes later, firemen from Le Bourget aerodrome were first to arrive at the scene of the catastrophe. Faced with the scale of the fire, they were only able to limit the fire and provide aid to the injured.

The Paris Charles de Gaulle Rescue and Fire Fighting Service then intervened with their major equipment: twelve vehicles including six with foam fire-fighting systems and two for liaison. More than 180 000 litres of water and 3 800 litres of emulsifier were used.

Reinforcements from the neighbouring fire stations enabled the fire to be brought under control after three hours.