9.1 Radar Track

In order to obtain a precise position of the aircraft on the runway, the track was based on data from the AVISO system, the digitising system for the analogue ground radar.


N.B: the numbers on the track refer to chapter 11.

9.2 Telecommunications

Flight AFR 4590 was contacted successively on the following frequencies:

Relevant communications are mentioned below.

9.2.1 ATIS

The "XRay" recording at 12 h 10 included:

The "Yankee" recording at 13 h 50 included: 9.2.2 Flight Data Frequency

At 13 h 58, the crew requested 'Concorde for New York on Echo 26 we need the whole length of 26 right'

At 14 h 07, the controller confirmed '...plan for 26 right....', the crew read back '....on 26 right ....'.

9.2.3 Ground Frequency

At 14 h 34, the controller said 'Air France 4590, good morning, taxi to holding point 26 right via Romeo' then added '.... do you want Whisky 10 or do you want taxiway Romeo'. The crew confirmed 'we need the whole runway'. The controller replied 'OK so youčre taxiing for Romeo, Air France 45 90'. The crew read the information back.

9.2.4 Loc South Frequency

At 14 h 40 min 02 s, the controller transmitted '45 90 line up 26 right', then crew replied 'we line up and hold on 26 right, 45 90'.

At 14 h 42 min 17 s, the controller said '45 90 runway 26 right wind 090 8 kt cleared for takeoff ', the crew replied '45 90 takeoff 26 right'.

At 14 h 43 min 13 s the controller stated '....4590 you have have flames behind you'. The crew acknowledged this transmission.

At 14 h 43 min 28 s, a transmission, whose source could not be identified, was made on the frequency 'it's really burning and I'm not sure it's coming from the engines'.

At 14 h 43 min 31 s, the controller confirmed '45 90 you have strong flames behind you' and he continued' you wish you have priority for a return to the field'. The crew acknowledged this transmission.

At 14 h 44 min 05 s, the controller transmitted 'Fire Service Leader err....the Concorde I don't know his intentions get into position near the southern parallel runway' then 'Fire Service Leader correction the Concorde is returning on runway 09 in the opposite direction'. The crew then transmitted 'we're trying for Le Bourget....'

At 14 h 45 min 10 s, the controller told the Fire Service Leader 'The Concorde has crashed near Le Bourget Fire Service Leader'.

At 14 h 46 min 09 s, the controller announced 'For all aircraft listening I will call you back shortly we're going to get ourselves together and we're going to recommence takeoffs'.

At 14 h 55 min 47 s, an aircraft informed the controller 'Šthere is smoke on runway 26 right, there's something burning apparently, for information....'

At 14 h 57, a runway vehicle (Flyco 9) told the controller 'there's tyre' then 'pieces of tyre which are burning'.