Pre-Production Aircraft 01 (101) - 1980's Archive pictures

Pictures taken by Ken Pettit of the Duxford Aviation Society

Dec 1981

Concorde 101, covered in snow at Duxford in 198X

Jan 1979

icicles form from the wings

March 1979

New seat covers were fitted

June 1981

Captain Brian Calvert,from BA, visited the aircraft to be interviewd by Anglia TV when his 'Flying Concorde' book was first published

Captain Brian Calvert was interviewed on the flightdeck...through the window 1977

Concorde 101 - G-AXDN photpgraphed from a high lift hydraulic platform
DAS picture

March 1983

A floor panel is removed, so that it can be replaced

March 1983

Newly manufactured fibrelam panels were supplied by Ciba-Geigy from their rejected stock


The aircraft was used as a B1 bomber substitute in the "Never say never again" James Bond spin off, with dummy Cruise missles being loaded

Sept 1983

The remaining fuel is finally off-loaded following a fule leak in one of the wings

Sept 1983

A charity "people tow" of Concorde was organised by Rotoract

Oct 1983

A "new" set of seats were put on-board the aircraft. They were originally on G-BFKW (G-BOAG) when it was new and awaiting sale at Filton

Oct 1983

After sitting outside for 6 year G-AXDN was moved inside Hanger 2 for a re-paint

Oct 1983

101 enters hangar 2

Oct 1983

The whole aircraft would not fit so the tail fin would need to be painted in the open

Oct 1983

Nearly complete

Nov 1983

The aircraft was rolled back out with only the titles to be re-applied

Feb 1984

DAS member Alan Samuels re-instate the titles and specific graphics on the aircraft