Pre-Production Aircraft 01 (101) - 1985-1997 Archive pictures

Pictures taken by Ken Pettit of the Duxford Aviation Society


Work was carried to remove the steel brakes on the aircraft, that were rusting and siezing

November 1985

A cabin window was removed for re-sealing after a leak was discovered

November 1985

The same window from the outside

March 1988

Brian Trubshaw on a visit to Duxford to film a Shell petrol video


Brian visited Duxford to be filmed on Concorde, the VC10 and Viscount

August 1987

On a few occasions the nose was drooped down to its fully down position of 17.5 degrees for film work

August 1987

On this occasion it was used in the BP privatisation TV commercial


A model of the production Concorde was donated to the museum, after being used in the BP commercial

April 1991

101 was moved inside hangar 1 to be re-painted for the 2nd time

April 1991

A refurbishment area was set aside inside Hangar 1

April 1991

Scaffolding was built around the aircraft to provide access

April 1991

Painting well underway

May 1991

The task to re-paint the aircraft took 3 Months

July 1991

Concorde completes her 2nd re-paint

8th July 1991

The aircraft is rolled out after its repaint

8th July 1991

Brian Trubshaw was on hand to help out in the cockpit

8th July 1991

G-AXDN - Polished and ready to go on display for another 10 years

Autumn 1986

Concorde was moved back inside in what was though to be a permanent move to display it under cover


British Airways donated some of the leather seats that had recently been removed from their fleet during their internal upgrade