British Airways On-Line Bookings can be used to book a scheduled flight from London to New York (and back)

BA are offering some of the last remaining seats on Concorde at special rates starting from £3,499, for flight from London to New York, in September and October.

The £3,499 fare is for one way Concorde and one way World Traveller. Special one way Concorde fares can also be combined with World Traveller Plus, Club World and First. The full on experience of a Concorde return flight start from £6,499 in September.

In the US similar speciual faes are available: from $6,499 One way on Concorde, one way in World Traveller (economy)up to $9,999 for a Round trip on Concorde

These flighst can be booked through your local travel agent or by calling BA direct on 0845 77 333 77 in the UK or 1800 224 0500 in the US

Concorde package specialist Goodwood Travel are offering a selection of holidays in New York, that include BA's special fares. A one night holiday in New York, complete with a chauffeur transfer to and from JFK airport starts at £3935. The stay can be extended to 3 nights for an all inclusive price of £4175.

The Goodwood travel tours include accommodation at the inter-Continental in the Heat or Manhattan with Chauffeur car transfers to and from New York's JFK airport.

The packages include a subsonic Boeing 747 flight out to New York and Concorde return from New York to London. The following options are available
Boeing 747 in World Traveller out + Concorde return from £3945
Boeing 747 in World Traveller Plus out + Concorde return from £4120
Boeing 747 in Club World + Concorde return from £4650
Boeing 747 in First Class + Concorde return from £5295
Concorde both ways from £7405

Additional offers are available that all you to increase your stay in New York for a few extra days, or for flying Concorde on the outbound leg from London.

For more details and your chance to book send an e-mail, quoting, to or calling them on +44 (0) 1227 763336 where they will also be glad to send you out a full brochure.

Detail of the possible Concorde experience flights, in and out of Heathrow and other UK airports have not yet been announced.

On Saturday March 1st 2003 I was lucky enough to fly on a CDG-CDG "experience trip" on Concorde....Click here for the story, or for other peoples stories about their flights on Concorde visit the Trip Reports section on the Forum