CONCORDE SST - Historical Documents

Anglo-French Agreement

On November 29th 1962 the French and British Government entered into a formal agreement to jointly develop a medium and long range supersonic airliner that eventually became Concorde. This is the full text of that agreement.

Anglo-French Communique

In September 1979 the French Minister for Transport and UK Minister for Industry meet in London for a meeting that effectively ended the Concorde programme and the joint co-operation between the two countries as set out in their 1962 agreement. This is the text of the Communique that was issued after this meeting

UK Public Records

Every year the UK Public Records office de-classifies and releases the official goverment documentation from 20 years previously. Documents relating to the goverments involvment Concorde Project have now been released up until the end of 1971, some of whch are available to view via the Public Records Office on this page.

US Type Certification Data Sheet Download as PDF

This is a copy of the US FAA's Type certification data sheet for Concorde that was issued on January 9th 1979. It included all Concorde's perfomance data; included the limiting of its maximum take off weight to 181,400 Kgs from US airports due to "Environmental regulations". Concorde's Maximum certified take-off weight is normally 185,070Kgs.