In the whole of Man's history, it is doubtful if there has ever been any field of endeavour in which technological progress has been as swift and as dramatic as in the development of powered flight - progress typified by the two aircraft photographed together, above, at a Paris air show. It is less than 70 years since Louis Bleriot's frail little monoplane wrote history by making the world's first international flight, tottering across the narrow waters of the English Channel to its abrupt final landing on English soil. Yet today, the AngloFrench Concorde is making passenger flight at twice the speed of sound across the great oceans of the world a routine reality. In scale and complexity, the Concorde programme is comparable to the U.S.A.'s Apollo Moon-shot programme; as a venture in technological collaboration between two major industrial nations, Concorde is unique.

This is the story of that programme . . . . . .