The Following PR booklets are in preparation for being made available on-line in the coming months:-

1973 British Aircraft Corportaion & Aerospatiale issued booklet. Includes Concordes specs and customer relevant informtion such as seating layouts and the progress being made in all aspects of the Concorde project.
British Aircraft Corporation issued Questions and Answers booklet. Includes topics such as noise, profitability and envoronmental concerns
Pre British Airways service Launch issued Concorde marketing booklet from 1975. The booklet detail in some length the Concorde story and its benefits to travellers.
Original British Airways issued Concorde marketing booklet from 1976, introducing Concorde and it benefits to the traveller.
Original British Airways issued Concorde "23 Miles a Minute" fact booklet from 1976. Small fold out booklet from BA answering all the questions that passengers would want to know while travelling at Mach2.
1976 British Aircraft Corporation USA division issued A4 booklet . This publication issued after the start of servcie to the USA(Washington) updates the public, press and airline industry to the work being done by both the manufacturers and the airlines that opearate Concorde.
1979 British Airways USA division issued A5 booklet . This publication was issued to BA's US customers encouraging them to use Concorde Services from the United States (Washington, New York and Dallas) to London...and Back..
1993 British Airways in flight folder issued booklet introducing all the facts and history of the aircraft to the passgengers flying on a BA Concorde service.
British Airways 1998 in-flight folder issued Concorde experience booklet. This updated facts and figures booklet was issued when the airline re-branded itself in the late 1990's
This is the Booklet British Airways sent out to regular customers in the late summer of 2001 advertising the return of passenger services.