Tail Section

61. Rear cabin bulkhead

62. Service/Emergency door (port and starboard)

63. Rear galley unit

64. Oxygen bottles

65. HF notch antennae

66. Rudder hydraulic actuators

67. VOR aerial

68. Two-segment rudder

69. Tail navigation light

70. Fuel vent

71. Nitrogen bottle

72. Retractable tail bumper wheel

73. Rear trim fuel tank

74. Rear pressure bulkhead

75. Starboard baggage door

76. Rear baggage loading bay


Tail and Rudder left side

Tail and Rudder right side

Underside of tail section

Underside of tail section

Tail Bumper Wheel

Tail Bumper Wheel

Rear Cargo Hold Loading

Rear Cargo Hold Door

Rear Cargo Hold (looking aft)

Rear Cargo Hold & access door (looking forward)

Rear Galley
(BA 1990)

Rear of Passenger Cabin
(BA 1990)