Left Wing, Engines and Intakes

77. Port inboard elevator

78. Elevon hydraulic elevator

79. Cabin air delivery ducting

80. Rear collector tank

81. Emergency ram air turbine

82. Air system heat exchangers

83. Cold air units

84. Rolls-Royce / SNECMA Olympus 593 afterburning engines

85. Variable area afterburner nozzels

86. Seconday nozzel/thurst reverseer bucket doors

87. Bucket door screw jacks

88. Port outboard elevons

89. Elevon hydraulic actuators
(Powered Flying Controls Units)

90. Outboard main fuel tank

91. Engine accessory equipment gearbox

92. Engine oil tank

93. Intake air annular bleed duct to cabin heat exchanger

94. Ventral intake combined spill door and suction relief door

95. Variable area intake ramp doors

96. Ramp doors motor and conrtol links


Engine Dry Bay

F-BTSD's Left Wing

Air Intakes

Elevons and Secondary Nozzles

Ram Air Turbine (RAT)

Powered flying control units

Power Flying Control Unit

Olympus Engine (installed)

Olympus Engine

Engine Bays

Engine Bays