Archive Story : 18-04-01

F-BTSD at Istres for tyre tests

F-BTSD has arrived at Istres test base where tests are set to take place with the aircraft fitted with new Michelin radial tyres.

Concorde 213 took off as AF374 from Paris CDG at 11h35 and landed at Istres with 12h23, after a subsonic flight. The Concorde Sierra Delta ha a special CofA to allow it to fly betwen the dates of April 10 at May 10, from the DGAC.

This authorization follows upon a request of EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company) to test the operation of the Concorde equipped with the new tires developed by Michelin. These tires are in particular designed to have a greater bursting strength. The tests are expected to start in a few days.

This is the second time that a concorde has flew to Istres, which is mainly a military base, but alos houses the French State Flight test centre, checking the conformity of the aircraft (planes, helicopters, sailplanes, etc.) with the safety requirements.

During the preceding tests, of January 18 to February 3, another Concorde of Air France (F-BVFB) had carried out tests of taxiing at high speed, with simulation of a fuel leakage under one of the wings by using water added with yellow dye.

The crew for the flight were as follows:
  • Captain Andre VERHULST
  • First Officer Jean ROSSIGNOL
  • Flight Engineer Andre CZMAL
  • Flight Engineer Alain PICCININI

pictures from AP via and Martine Tlouzeau