Archive Story : 06-05-01

F-BTSD returns to Paris after tyre tests

Air France Concorde F-BTSD has completed the trials of new Michelin radial tyres at Istres test base. The test which, were performed in conjunction with EADS, were completed on Friday 4/5/01 included both high sped taxi and take-off/landing runs. The results of these trials have not yet been made public, although a spokeperson is quoted in saying that "overall the tests went well"

The aircraft will shortly transit to its home base of Paris' Charrles De Gaulle Airport, but has first called at Orly Airport where Concorde 213 will spend the week at the Air France paintshop being given a fresh coat of paint after the recently completed D check. This will be its first coat of paint since it was repainted into the Air France livery after a short time painted in "Pepsi blue" during April 1996.

The following were the times of the flight

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