Archive Story : 22-05-01

British Airways expects services resume by "late summer"

Speaking at today's businness results announcement, where The company reported a full-year pre-tax profit of 150m, against a profit of just 5m a year ago, the British Airways boss stated that the company was progessing on its plans to modifiy it's Concorde fleet after last summers Air France crash and that he hoped their aircraft would be back in service by "late summer".

The return to service ultimately depends on the re-issue of a certificate of airworthiness by the Civil Aviation Authority and its French equivalent. BA says it is confident that the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK will re-issue the certificate of airworthiness for the planes with the work that they are carring out.

BA had hoped to have Concorde flying again by as early as last month but Chief executive Rod Eddington said "safety modifications to the fuel tanks were taking longer than expected, partly because the 25-year-old aircraft were effectively hand built."

Kevlar lining panels, which are designed to protect the tanks against tyre bursts, are having to be measured and made individually, because of differences between each of the supersonic planes.