Archive Story : 02-06-01

Air France continues with preparation for a return to service - 02-06-01

In a move which further signifies Air France's faith in Concorde; F-BTSD has recently received a fresh coat of paint after its "D" check completion at the Start of April.

The aircraft has now completed a ferry flight back Paris Charles de Gallue Airport, from Paris Orly Airport where the paint shop is located, to join up with the other aircraft where they can be modified to the standards being pioneered by British Airways on G-BOAF.

In another development Air France has said that they will join British Airways in relaunching Concorde services if authorities give the go-ahead as expected in the next few months, the French airline's chairman has said.

Jean-Cyril Spinetta said: "I think we can envisage - but it's not for me to say - that the airplane will get its viability certificate back in the summer or autumn. If that is the case, both Air France and British Airways will put Concorde back into service."

A Quicktime and Real video of the painting of F-BTSD along with further pictures are available at