Archive Story : 14-07-01

Re-Flight date Scheduled for Tuesday 17th July.

British Airways Concorde G-BOAF will fly out of Heathrow for a 3hr 20 min test flight on Tuesday 17th of July, at around 14:20. This date Coincides with the British Airways Annual General Meeting, being held in Central London. The flight will terminate at RAF Brize Norton.

The cockpit crew for the test flight is now expected to be Capt Mike Bannister (BA chief Concorde Captain), Capt. Jock Reid (CAA test pilot, Working for Airbus UK) and Senior Engineering officer Bob Woodcock. the other flight deck crew are not confirmed at this time.

Up to a maximum 4 flights will be conducted with G-BOAF at this stage; with the main purpose being to validate the tank liner modification and what effect it has on the aircraft, if any effect at all. The Tank liners are fitted onto brackets so they reside a few millimetres above the base of the tank to allow fuel circulate under them. The reason for this is than fuel is used on Concorde for cooling the wing surfaces from the heat generated during the supersonic cruise (Fuel is also used for trimming the Centre of Gravity of the aircraft.) Heat Sensors have been mounted into key areas in the tanks to monitor this. The test recording equipment is mounted in the rear of the pasenger cabin.

Alpah Foxtrot, Completed a final taxi teston the 13th of July after being fitted with the new Michelin NZG tyres, she was taken to the usual Concorde stand at Terminal 4 (V14) were a simulated departure rehersal was carried out. An engine change is also reported to have been performed and this may have been one of the causes in pushing back the orignal target flight date by a week or so. On Tuesday 10th July a Compass check was also carried out.