Archive Story : 17-07-01

Flight Day Arrives Tuesday 17th July

At 14:20 this afternoon the very last Concorde to be built will take to the air once more from London's Heathrow Airport. Take off expected to be from Heathrow's Runway 09R, as there is a light easterly wind currently blowing, with a landing shortly before 6pm on Runway 26 At RAF Brize Notron.

Preparations were contiuning at Heathrow ahead of the scheduled afernoon flight in front of a contingent from the UK media who will be covering the take-off and landing live on the UK's TV news channels.

'Alpah Foxtrot' will take off from southern runway at Heathrow in west London and replicate its normal London to New York route and flight conditions. The aircraft will follow its normal transatlantic track down the Bristol Channel and west of Ireland before turning north towards Iceland.
The aircraft is expected to go supersonic (Mach 1 / 720mph) south east of Swansea and will then continue to climb, first to 45,000ft and then to on to 60,000ft which is nearly twice the normal cruising altitude of subsonic aircraft.
After turning just south west of Iceland, Concorde will fly southbound to intercept its normal inbound flight path from New York to London. It will decelerate to subsonic speed approximately 70 miles west of the coast of Devon before being handed over to military air traffic control for its final approach to Brize Norton.