Archive Story : 23-07-01

BA Aims for re-entry to service in Spetember, Air France in October

British Airways plans to resume commercial Concorde flights in, an Anglo-French Concorde working group said on Monday. The service will initially be a one flight a day between London and New York.

Air France plans to follow suit one month later with its first transatlantic service, the working group set up to get the aircraft back into the air said in a statement on Monday at the end of its 8th meeting since last July's accident.

The Concorde working group, which includes senior government transport officials and civil aviation authorities, said the plane's makers hoped to submit the results of tests on the modified plane to regulators by August 15th when they will re-apply for its certificate of airworthiness.

BA is aiming to resume commercial flights in September using aircraft G-BOAE, G-BOAF and G-BOAG. Air France aims to restart commercial flights when the next IATA season starts in October. They will initially use aircraft F-BVFB and F-BTSD, F-BVFC will follow shortly after, with F-BVFA being the last aircraft to re-enter service at present. (F-BVFF is due out of service for 12-18 months for a Major 'D' check.)

Although a BA spokeswoman was more cautious, telling the Reuters Press agency that the company had no more exact date than "late summer".

"We don't want to be putting an exact time-scale on things when we've still got some factors to work through," she said.