Archive Story : 03-08-01

Training flights planned

British Airways are in the process of re-training their staff who work on Concorde; these include ground staff along with the cabin and flight deck crew. The culmination of this programme will be a series of flight from London LHR to New York JFK , probably around four, to fine tune the service levels that passengers expect from the Concorde experience.

Another important aspect that is being worked on is flight crew type training. All Concorde crews are not currently type rated due to the lack of available flight time that have had to fly on the aircraft. They have been working heavily in the simulator, situated at Filton, but this is not a substitute for flying the real thing. It is expected that G-BOAF, the only modified aircraft, will soon depart from London Heathrow to fly out to the favoured BA Concorde test base of Shannon Airport in the West of Ireland. These flights will again be conducted under a special CAA flight certificate as the aircraft and its new michelin tyres have not yet officially been flight certified.

Air France have started on Concorde refresher cources for the current 36 strong Concorde pool of cockpit crew, along with the re-training of their 76 cabin crew, in antisipation of the service re-entry in October.