Archive Story : 10-08-01

BA to launch Concorde advertising campaign

British Airways is gearing up to unleash a major PR and marketing push for the relaunch of Concorde later this summer.

But the airline is taking a careful approach to the promotion of the supersonic aeroplane, which has been grounded since the Air France Concorde crash that killed 109 passengers a year ago. BA has hired the direct marketing agency, Tullo Marshall Warren, to create a direct mail campaign to promote Concorde.

If test flights and safety checks go according to plan, the aeroplane should resume a normal service at the end of the summer. BA says the campaign will focus on rebuilding confidence in Concorde's safety and promoting the Concorde experience.

"In managing the communications it is absolutely essential we do this correctly and appropriately," said a BA spokeswoman.

"We are very fortunate that Concorde markets itself as a brand and an icon and has a worldwide profile," she added.

"BA has a reputation for safety and we will seek to build on that and reassure passengers.

"All the communications for Concorde will stress that safety is paramount," she said.

The airline has already been in contact with Concorde's most frequent flyers, sending updates to 1,500 customers and inviting the top 50 to Heathrow to inspect the modified planes and talk to Concorde's chief pilots.

Recently British Airways re-activated their official Concorde microsite. The site was taken off line when the fleet was grounded. It can be viewed at The site requires Flash to be installed to view

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