Archive Story : 14-08-01

Alpha Foxtrot gets a make-over!

From the recent picture taken at the BA technical base at London Heathrow, it can be seen that G-BOAF has been moved to Technical Block K (AKA 'The PaintShop') to be given a fresh coat of paint for her planned return to service. The whole fleet are expected to be painted after their modifications are complete as they are all showing the signs of being stored outside, on and off, for the past 12 months.

This is the first time G-BOAF has ben re-painted since being the first Concorde in the fleet to display the new British Airways colours in 1997. The last to be painted was G-BOAG in Jan 2000. The painting process usually takes around 1 week to complete for Concorde.

Meanwhile the manufactures have started to hand in their dossiers to the Aviation authorities in the UK and France to begin the proecss of re-certification. The manufacturers and airliners committed themselves to having these completed and handed over to the CAA and DGAC by the close of business on August 15th as their last working group meeting

This Anglo-French working group, which was formed after the accident, will meet in Paris on Monday August 20th to discuss the progress being made and any other issues that would delay or prevent re-certification.