Archive Story : 22-08-01

More training duties for 'Alpah Foxtrot'

G-BOAF, after her recent re-spray, has set off for Shannon International Airport in the Republic of Ireland for further training flights.

The crew performed 35 of so circuits in and out of Shannon to enable more flight crews to be type rated for the re-starting of passenger services along with the operational assessment flights that will soon be underway.

The flight out of Heathrow followed Concordes usual path to its acceleration point over the Bristol Channel where the re-heats were re-engaged to take the aircraft up to a speed of Mach 2 and a cleared height of 60,000ft, although with the short journey time the Crew noted in a radio communication that they would probably only reach 58,000ft before decelerating for the approach into Shannon International.

Alpha Foxtrot returned to Heathrow later the same day at 20:45 on Runway 27L

Full details and pictures are available in the BA tests section