Archive Story : 24-08-01

Air France test flights Underway

An Air France Concorde made its first technical verification flight on Friday August 24th after undergoing modifications to regain its airworthiness certificate following the fatal crash of a sister plane in July 2000, Air France said.

Concorde F-BVFB flew out over the Atlantic on a round-trip flight from Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport which lasted two and a half hours at mostly took place at subsonic speeds, although the aircraft did break through the sound barrier and flew at a supersonic speed for a few minutes, it did not reach its normal cruising speed of Mach 2

A second flight by this aircraft in the on Monday will allow the Airline to verify various systems at supersonic speeds, to simulate an emergency descent, and to make a landing using three engines.

'Fox Bravo' had already carried out rolling taxi tests on Wednesday at Roissy, which made it possible to check that the various brake systems are in conformity with the standards in force and that the nose gear steering unit was functioning correctly, along with testing other ground equipment test such as radios.

On August 30th the airport of Vatry (the Marne), will see F-BVFB Visiting for one day of the purpose re-qualification training for the flight crews who are currently 'out of hours' on Concorde having not flown the aircraft for over 14 months. These Flights will be similar to those recently carried out by British Airways at Shannon and will include touch and go circuits.

Opened into 2000, the airport of Vatry is equipped with a runway of 3.860m and accommodates several companies for the training of their aircrew.

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