Archive Story : 28-08-01

Air France Concorde completes Supersonic verification flight - 28/08/01

Air France Concorde, F-BVFB, completed its second successful test on Monday August 27th, Air Fracne have said. The flight departed from Paris, CDG airport at 10:15am and returned at 13:40 and flew at Speeds of up to Mach 2.0 in a loop across Aatlantic ocean.

However the 3-3/4 hour flight, which took the plane over the Atlantic Ocean before returning to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, did not simulate an emergency descent nor make a landing using just three engines, as initially planned. The spokesman said the simulations were dropped after the crew was told that civil aviation authorities did not consider the exercises a condition for allowing Concorde to fly again.

"The two exercises were not necessary," the spokesman told the Reuters news agency. "They preferred to concentrate their attention on a test that would resemble a normal flight."

Picture from AP via Yahoo

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