Archive Story : 5-09-01

Certificate of Airworthiness returned to modified Concordes

The British CAA and French DGAC today issued a set of airworthiness directives that when carried out will lead to the certificates of airworthiness being retuned individually to the 12 remaining Concorde aircraft owned by British Airways and Air France.

Currently British Airways Concorde G-BOAF and Air France Concorde F-BVFB have been modified to this standard and have had their certificates returned to its rightful place on the flight deck.

The directives include

British Airways hope to be back up and running with a daily service to New York's JFK airport by October and Air France will follow a few weeks later. Each Airline requires three aircraft to carry out these services; Currently they only have one Concorde each ready.

The date chosen for the resumption of services will be based around them having 3 aircraft re-certified. BA are close to completion on G-BOAE and G-BOAG is following close behind. Air France are well under way on F-BTSD and their 3rd aircraft is schedules to be F-BVFC.

Politicians on both sides of the English channel welcomed the move: British Transport Minister Brian Wilson said: "The return of Concorde to the skies is a significant boost to the aviation industry.

"It was right that the plane was not rushed back into service, giving theB ritish and French manufacturers time to deliver the modifications to satisfy

While Mr Wilson's colleague in France, Jean-Claude Gayssot, also welcomes the steps being taken.