Archive Story : 5-10-01

British Airways completes 2nd Operational assessment flight

British Airways again used Concorde G-BOAF (Alpha Foxtrot) for their 2nd operational assessment flight In and out of London's Heathrow Airport. The flight, BA9010C, took off at 10:52 from Runway 27L and retuned to the same runway at 14:25.

British Airways Chief Concorde Pilot Mike Banister captained his first operational assessment flight and was aided on the flight deck by First Officer Dave Studd. There were two engineering officers on the flight Bob Woodcock and Keith Brotherhood, this enabled one of them to provided an extended commentary to the passengers, although the enthusiasts listening in on the ground frequencies around Heathrow were treated to part of this commentary when it was "broadcast" during the taxi from terminal 4.

The passengers on board the flight, designed to test out operational, engineering and servicing procedures, were all BA staff. The flight departed from the usual Concorde stand (V14) at Heathrow terminal 4 and headed out on a 3 and a half hour trip round the Bay of Biscay simulated a full trans-Atlantic flight from New York to London.

The assessment flights have been planned to bring BA staff back up to speed on operating Concorde after such a long till on the sidelines. The final flight will be a "day trip" to New York where the American based BA ground staff will simulate an aircraft turnaround. It is expected that the engineers who have done the majority of the work in getting the fleet back in the air will be taken on this exclusive trip.

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