Archive Story :14-10-01

Air France to resume Concorde services on November 7th

The French media is quoting Source inside Air France that they will re-introduce services to New Yorkıs JFK Airport on Wednesday November 7th. The flights will run Monday-Friday only. It is not known what the fleet will be used for at weekends.

It is expected that British Airways will re-introduce their 7 day a week JFK service at a similar time in early November but there has been no word from them on this as yet.

There has been a lot of rumours in the industry during the past few months that both airlines would simultaneously re-start their services in a similar way to how they launched their original services to Bahrain, Rio and Washington jointly in 1976 and to New York in 1977.

In the picture opposite; Air France Concorde F-BTSD, the 2nd of their fleet to be modifed, is seen last Friday during high speed taxi tests as AF 375W at Paris CDG Airport. These test are a prerequisite to 2 flight test, one mostly Subsonic and one at Mach 2.0 that will follow beofre the aircraft has its CofA returned. The flight tests are expect this week. F-BTSD was the aircraft that Air France used for tests at Istres on the new Michelin NZG tyres.