Archive Story :16-10-01

Concorde Tickets selling well

Concorde fans have snapped up tickets for the supersonic aircraft's return to passenger services next month, British Airways reported Tuesday. Half the tickets for its first fare-paying London-New York flight on November 9 were sold out in the first two hours of booking, the airline said. Concorde flights to Barbados between December 15-29 were also nearly half sold out, it added.

BA also announced that it was offering a special Concorde introductory fare of 2,999 (4,343 dollars, 4,775 euros) London-New York return for travel from November 10, 2001, until January 31, 2002.

These tickets, which are subject to some conditions including a Saturday night stay, are on sale until Monday.

"We are delighted with the early bookings and we are also keen to make this special offer to reward our Concorde regulars," said a BA spokeswoman.

While the cheapest Concorde London-New York return ticket was about 6,200 when services were suspended in August 2000, the lead-in price next month will be 6,819. BA said today that it was introducing more bands within its Concorde fare structure, with first-class fare costing around 8,000 pounds

Reservations are filling up on the first Air France Concorde to fly between Paris and New York since the crash last year of one of their supersonic airliners."There is good interest for the flight of November 7," a company spokeswoman said, but refuese to issue any figures