Archive Story :19-10-01

Verification Flights Continuing with Both Airlines

Both British Airways and Air Fraance are continuing in their drive towards the re-start of commercial services on the 7th of November .

Air France have completed 2 successful test flight on the 2nd Concorde to be re-certified, F-BVFC. The first flight mainly at subsonic speeds but did reach Mach 1.0 during the test. A few days later on October 17th the aircraft flew at its regular cruising speed of Mach2.0 for a sustained period of time before returning back to Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

In the UK British Airways have flown their third modified aircraft, G-BOAG, on a 3 hr verification flight in and out of London Heathrow. British Airways now have enough aircraft serviceable to resume services. The will carry out a final operational assessment flight on a 1 day trip to New York and back to verify that all the relevant procedures are in place at both Heathrow and JFK airport for the re-start of services.

Full details and pictures are available in the BA tests section and Air France flight tests section.