Archive Story :20-10-01

Concorde to fly to New York on operational assessment flight

According to British Airways they will run their final operational assessment flight this Monday (22nd Oct) when one of their Concordes will fly to New York's John F. Kennedy airport.

The flight will depart from the Concorde stand, V14, at Heathrow's terminal 4 at 10:30 AM UK time and arrive in New York around 3hrs 45mins later. There will then be roughly a 4 hour turnaround of the aircraft before leaves New York at around 12:15 EST to return to the UK arriving back at Heathrow at scheduled time of 21:10.

This flight will fully simulate the procedures that will be used when the aircraft returns to full passenger service proper on November the 7th. The passengers on board will all be British airways staff, the majority of them being those involved in the intricate modification work inside the fuel tanks. Giving them that chance to be on the trip is British Airways' way of saying thank you.

This will be the first flight into New York by a Concorde since they were grounded in August 15th 2000. Air France repatriated one of their aircraft from New York in September 2000 after it had been grounded there after the accident on July 25th 2000.

Air France are expected to perform a similar trail flight to New York in the following week but it will be spread over 2 days.

Picture of Concorde at New York in 2000 by Rob Simmons