Tony Blair to fly to Washington on Concorde

According to the UK's new media it is being reported that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, will fly to Washington Next Wednesday onboard a chartered Concorde. The flight would be in additional to the re-launch of BA's regular services to new York that are scheduled to start on the same date. It is expected that Mr Blair will depart after the BA001 has left for New York on Wednesday morning

The Prime Minister's trip to Washington by Concorde next week is to brief President George W Bush on his trip and review the conduct of the US-led military campaign against the Taleban regime in Afghanistan. Other foreign leaders are expected to be invited to the meeting including the French Premier. It is not know if he will travel on an Air France Concorde or regular subsonic aircraft

British Airways currently have 3 aircraft modified and re-certified after the aircraft were grounded in August 2000. This would allow them to designate an aircraft for each service and still have one available as a back up.

Picture from AFP