British Airways reduces Concorde fares by two thirds at New Year and looks to double Services next year

British Airways said Sunday it would slash the price of Concorde flights from London to New York by two-thirds as part of a New Year promotion.

A return ticket on A scehdule concorde flight will cost 2,002 ($2,908 US) for a flight leaving December 30 or 31 and returning between January 1 to 4 2002. The current equivalent price without the promotional fare is 6,819 pounds ($9,906 US).

"This is a great opportunity for a unique Christmas gift and to celebrate the new year in style", said Martin George, BA director of marketing.

British Airways currently operates a once a day scheduled service to New York and back from London but hope to increase this to two daily return flights at the start of their summer schedule, which begins towards the end of April.

Speaking to Flight International, BA engineering and technical quality director, Jim O'Sullivan confirmed that 5 aircraft would be modified and re-certified by April 2002. currently BA has 3 operational Aircraft

"The fourth aircraft will provide us with more operational robustness and the fifth will enable us to offer a double daily service to New York" O'Sullivan confirmed to Flight, although the final decision has yet to be taken.

According to Flight International British Airways has committed itself to modifying it entire fleet of seven aircraft but a timetable for the final two has not yet been decided on.

O Sullivan went on to say that within the next six months BA will decide whether to start the Concorde life-extension programme, called re-life2. This programme would allow the aircraft to fly for another five or six years beyond their current retirement date of around 2010.

Picture By Paul Dopson of G-BOAE departing LHR on Nov 7th