Concorde Offer sells out in 3Minutes! 19/12/01

The British Airways deal offering passengers flights to New York on Concorde over the new year period at less than a third the normal price sold out in three minutes, the airline said Wednesday.

The return tickets, costing 2002 were advertised over the weekend and were snapped up straight away when the phone lines opened at 9 a.m., a British Airways spokesman said. ``We are very, very pleased. It clearly shows Concorde still has lasting appeal. We like to think of it as the ultimate way to spend New Year, especially after everything New York has been through this year,'' he said.

A total of 205 seats were available for departures from London on December 30 and 31 and returning from New York between Jan. 1 and 4, the spokesman said.

Some tickets included return flights on Concorde, while cheaper flights included one-way on Concorde and one-way on British Airways Club World, he added.

Those not lucky enough to snap up the cut-price tickets for the world's fastest passenger jet would have to pay upwards of 8000, the spokesman added.