4th Modified Concorde from each airline taking to the air - 27/1/02

Both British Airways and Air France are in the final preparations for the test flights to take place for the 4th aircraft in each fleet to be modified.

In Paris, work has been completed on F-BVFA, Air France's First Concorde, and the aircraft has successfully completed a high-speed taxi test on the Charles De Gaulle Airport runway. Air France Concordes complete a taxi test and 2 flight tests, one at Mach2, before being re-certified for passenger service. Air France have been loaned an Rolls-Royce Olympus engine from British Airways to help them accomplish the flight and return the aircraft to service.

British Airways have completed the modification work on Concorde G-BOAD a few weeks ago and she is expected to fly in the next few days from London Heathrow. This will be the first time G-BOAD, Concorde 210, has flown for 21 months. Alpha Delta was undergoing a 3 month Intermediate check when the Air France accident occurred in July 2000, and although the service check was completed she was not able to accomplish an air-test at this time before being parked up.

As G-BOAD has not flown for such a long period of time, 2 air-tests may be necessary to fully check out all the systems and ring out any bugs before the aircraft is re-certified for passenger services on the New York and Barbados routes.