4th BA Concorde returns to the Skies 29/1/02

G-BOAD, the 4th British Airways Concorde to have the Certificate of Airworthiness modifications fitted has successfully completed a 3hr 55 min flight in and out of London Heathrow.

Alpha Delta, flying as BA9156, departed from runway 27L at Heathrow just after midday and returned shortly before 4pm. The flight which reached speeds of up to Mach2.02, was the first by G-BOAD (Concorde 210) for 21 months. The aircraft had been undergoing heavy maintenance when the fleet was grounded in August 2000.

Today's flight tested out all the aircrafts systems and allowed conformation that the tank liner modification would not hinder the aircraft in flight, although after the initial tests last summer the mod is now well understood and no problems were expected to be found.

The aircraft has already been fitted with the new interior seating and should a second air-test-flight not be required she will join her sister ships, G-BOAE, G-BOAF and G-BOAG on the scheduled services to New York and Barbados.

Full details and pictures are available in the BA tests section