Archive Story : 19/03/01

More Fuel leak tests to be carried out

Flight International reports that Rolls-Royce are to carry out fresh test into the ingestion of fuel into the engines after the latest French Investigation report, from the BEA, suggested that the primary cause of the failure of engine number 1 on the Air France Concorde involved in the accident last Summer was due to un burnt fuel ingestion.

Rolls Royce will run an Olympus 593 Concorde spec engine on a test stand and then project fuel into the running engine at various rates. This will enable engineers to find the fuel flow rate at which the engine. This will therefore allow the designers of the modifications to be certain that the flow rates that could be expected after the modifications are complete would not cause an engine to fail in flight.

Results of these tests are expect in May along with the results of the flight tests on Concorde 216, G-BOAF.

British Airways are 70% of the way through modifying G-BOAF and the first consignment of the new seating has arrived to be fitted into the aircraft.