Successful season for Barbados flights - 13/4/02

After nearly 5 months of flawless operation the weekly London Heathrow to Barbados Bridgetown route (BA273/2), which restarted on December 1st 2001, has ended for another season.

The last flight of the season, which was operated by Concorde Alpha Golf, departed from Heathrow on Saturday 16th April 2002 at 09:45 and arrived back at 21:00 the same evening.

The Loads Factors on this vacation route have been very high throughout the season. Barbados being a holiday destination means that far more baggage is carried that on the normal New York services, so along with this route being at the limit of Concorde's range, a maximum 80 passenger are catered for on the service. This amount of passengers that this route can carry has been unchanged by the modifications that were recently fitted.

The British Airways team in Bridgetown have also done an excellent job turning Concorde around to fly back on the same day and on most service the aircraft has arrived back in London on time.

The Barbados flights, which tend to had a party atmosphere to them, are planned to re-start in December, although additional fights may take place from August onwards if there is sufficient demands and aircraft availability to run the service alongside the BA001 New York service