Archive Story : 30/03/01

Working group meets for 6th Time

At it's 6th meeting after last years accident the Concorde working group revealed that tests by Michelin on a new technology radial tyre made heve been very positive and that a Concorde could again be sent to the long runway at Istres military base near Marseille for further tests.

The radial tyre, has the advantage of bursting sideways in the event of a blow-out which in principle would avoid serious damage to the aircraft body, was in design beofore last years accident and would have eventually been fitted to the aircraft. The authorities say that it being ready sooner is seen as a bonus to the programme of modifications designed to get Concorde back in service. The new tyre being tested would be more resistant to damage by foreign objects, and in case of rupture would result in smaller size rubber debris flying around.

DGAC said this development was being viewed as an additional but extremely positive addition to the existing testing schedule.

The working group today heard of progress in test work going on in the UK and France which includes the fitting of tank liners to a British Airways Concorde at Heathrow. BA, which has seven Concordes, plans to use this Concorde to test the liners in the next few weeks.