BA9180E - July 17th 2001

Aircraft G-BOAF (216)
CREW Mike Bannister (BA Concorde Chief Pilot)
Jock Reid (CAA / AIRBUS UK)
Les Brodie (BA Concorde Flight Training manager)
Bob Woodcock (Senior Engineering officer)
Trevor Northcot (Senior Engineering officer)
3 British Airways ground engineers
Robin Morton (Airbus UK Flight Test Engineer)
George Robinson (Airbus UK Flight Test Engineer)
Departure London Heathrow 14:18 UK
Arrival RAF Brize Norton 17:41 UK
Routing Heathrow - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - Toward Iceland - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - RAF Brize Norton
Test aims Check out of Aircraft Systems
Verification of fuel tank liner modifications under flight conditions
Further Flight test of new Michelin tyres
Test results All tests went successfully and problems with the liners that could have occured eg Fuel cooling, heat distribution in the fuel, fuel flow between tanks, fuel flow into the engines and the aircraft's centre of gravity, were not seen.

Click here for an edited audio recording of the Air Traffic Control communications with Speedbird Concorde 9180
Thanks to Tony Smith for the recording. It is in real player fomat.

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G-BOAF waits for the ground crew to arrive
Parked in front of its sister ships G-BOAF is ready for flight .
Concorde 216 taxies to the end of Runway 09R at Heathrow
Capt Bannister waves from the cockpit of G-BOAF on its way to the airfield.
Reuters Picture
Under full reheat G-BOAF speeds away from Heathrow.
Picture By Paul Dopson
Off into the distance!!! - Concorde after a successful take-off from Heathrow Picture By Paul Dopson
The aircraft's gear halfway retracted on departure from LHR
Picture By Paul Dopson
The gear door close after a textbook take off from Heathrow..
Picture By Paul Dopson
Nearly there!!! G-BOAF near touchdown after is 1st verification flight at Brize Norton
Picture By MOD UK , Crown Copyright
Concorde speeds past the assembled media at Brize Norton.
Picture By MOD UK , Crown Copyright
Sucessfully down, G-BOAF taxies to the end of the Brize Norton Runway
Reuters Picture
The Cockpit crew depart from 'Alpha Foxrot' on the apron at RAF Brize Norton.
Picture By MOD UK , Crown Copyright
G-BOAF and BA's Chief Concorde Pilot pose for photographs
Reuters Picture
Mike Bannister inside Alpha Foxtrot after the Verification flight
BA Picture