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18th Jan 2001 - Concorde F-BFVB lands at Istres in the South of France 42 minutes after departing from Paris 18th Jan 2001 - Fox Bravo taxies to the test base hanger in preparation for the commencement of fuel flow leak tests
Jan 2001 - Air France Concorde F-BVFB during a high speed taxi run to simulate what happened on July 25th 2000 Jan 2001 - Yellow coloured water flows from set areas under the wing to show where it would flow at high airspeeds if another fuel tank rupture were to occur.
Jan 2001 - F-BVFB is rolled inside the hanger that would be its home during the test sessions Picture by Bernard Lemoing Jan 2001 - Under Fox Bravo's wing was where the test equipment was fitted, which included video cameras to monitor the water flows. Picture by Bernard Lemoing
Jan 2001 - Air France concorde F-BVFB sits on the apron at Istres during fulel flow leak testing in 2001 Picture by Bernard Lemoing Jan 2001 - Checks are made to the aircraft during the testing that was carried out in the South of France. Picture by Bernard Lemoing
3rd Feb 2001 - After the completion of the tests, F-BFVB returned home to a wet Paris afternoon as Flight AF371 Picture by Martine Tlouzeau 3rd Feb 2001- on touchdown Fox Bravo taxied directly back to the Air France techncial base at Charles De Gaulle airport
March 2001 - Air Fracne Concorde F-BTSD completes work on its D Check at the Air France technical base in Paris, F-BVFF is seen behind. Picture by Max Kingsley-Jones April 2001 - An aerial shot of 2 BA Concordes stored outside Tech Block A at London Heathrow, G-BOAB is closest to the camera. Picture by Andreas Weltin
April11th 2001 - D Check complete, F-BTSD maks a sub-sonic test flight in and out of Paris CDG, as AF 373s Picture by Martine Tlouzeau April11th 2001- F-BTSD lands back at Paris after a sub-sonic check flight. Notice the secondary landing bay doors are open after being depolyed under gravity during the test.
April 11th 2001 - Air France Concorde F-BTSD taxies back to the techncial base after it's first flight in 18 months April 2001- Michelin launch a new Non Zero Growth (NZG) tyre that they hope will help get Concorde back ino servcie
17th April 2001 - Fitted with new Michelin NZG tyres F-BTSD taxis beofre departure for more test at Istres Picture by Martine Tlouzeau 17th April 2001 - F-BTSD departs from Paris on the way to Istres to test out the NZG tyres that were developed by Michelin
April/May 2001 - At Istres F-BTSD completed high speed taxi and flight tests with the new NZG tyres fitted. April 2001 - As well as testing on the aircraft the tyres were also ground tested to see how they would react when punctured.
6th May2001 - Concorde Sierra Delta arrives at Orly Airport, Paris from Istres as AF373V. The aircraft is at Orly to be re-painted. Picture by Martine Tlouzeau May 2001 - F-BTSD , after its 'D' check, is given a fresh coat of paint at the Air France paintshop at Orly Airport. Picture by
30th May 2001 - after being painted F-BTSD prepares to transit back to the Air Fracne Concorde base at Pairs Charles De Gaulle Airport Picture by Vincent Gomez 30th May 2001 - 6 weeks after departing for Istres F-BTSD arives back at CDG, where she will be fitted with the tank liner mod in the coming months Picture by Martine Tlouzeau

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