Pre-Production Aircraft 02 (102) - Powerplant

Pictures of Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) - Taken at Paris Orly Airport, France, in September 2002

The air intakes of the right hand (n 3 and 4) engines The n 4 engine air intake and ramp. The intake ramps on 02 appear to be replica replacement items. (although I could be wrong!)
The right hand engine nacelle

This is the rear of the engine housing which includes the exhaust system

Concorde 02 was the first to be fitted with the production standard TRT secondary nozzle system The "buckets" rotate through 90 degrees to produce reverse thrust
The buckets also change position during different flight profiles for optimum engine performance. Concorde's complex exhaust system delivers up to 29% of the aircraft's thrust at Mach 2
The engines were removed from the aircraft before she was put on show The left hand (n 1 and 2) engine nacelle
Another view of the n 1 and 2 engine nacelle, this time showing the intakes and ramps The dual intake ramps for the n 1 and 2 engines