Number 201 : F-WTSB


Aircraft Number 201 
Current registration  F-WTSB
Manufacturer's Serial Number 100 -001
Production Variant Number  100
Maiden Flight  6th December 1973 : Toulouse, France
Final Flight  19th April 1985 : Chateauroux - Toulouse (Rudder PFCU test flight)
Registration history:- First Registered as F-WTSB to Aerospatiale  

Number Of Flights

Supersonic Flights
Total Block Hours
909 hrs 52mins
Total Supersonic Hours Flown
339 hrs 25mins
Current Useage Owned by Aerospatiale and on display outside their headquarters at Toulouse.
Notes The Production test aircraft were again different in many ways necessitating re-covering certain areas to obtain certification and it was really these two aircraft (201 and 202) that did the bulk of the flying. However, even though called Production aircraft they never went into service as the final version was different yet again although in no way that would effect handling or performance certification.

The most important differences were structural. In all, therefore, there were six development aircraft, two Prototypes, two Pre-Production and two Production aircraft.

Info By Peter Baker, BAC Concorde Flight Test Pilot

In the late 1970's the brown "Presidential" leather seat interior was removed from Concorde 02, and put in the rear cabin of 201, where it remains to this day.

201 flew regularly until 1982, After this it is understood she was stored in near flight readness at Chateauroux. She was ferried back to Toulouse in 1985

The aircraft can be visted in Toulouse for more details see the Taxiway website. The aircraft is well worth the vist, but unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures from inside the Airbus plant. Hopefully this will change when their new aviation museum opens with Concorde 209 on show alongside 201

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F-WTSB on display at the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

F-WTSB at the Paris Air Show, June7th 1975.

Picture courtesy of Peter Vercruijsse

Concorde 201 parked up on the Airpon at Toulouse Airport. Notice the BA colours on the tail fin.

Colin Mitchell


Concorde 201 ahead of being painted in the special 20th anniversary livery

Colin Mitchell

201 at the special Concorde 20th anniversary event held at Toulouse in 1989

Picture courtesy of BAE Systems

As it is today: Concorde 201 on display in the car park, outside the Aerospatiale hanger in Toulouse.

Picture courtesy of Cedric Gherardi

A close up of 201's tail fin, dorsal fin and rudders.

The elevons are fixed in the "zero" position

Looking forward from the rear of starboard wing of the 1st French production Concorde.
201's forward fuselage with the British Aerospace and Aeropatile titles The engines have been removed, and covers are protecting the bays