Book coverThis Early History section is based on a 1976 book by F.G Clarke and Authur Gibson. At the time this was the first detailed and first hand account of what was the most ambitious civil aircraft project undertaken for it's time - the design, development and constructon between Britian and France of the Concorde supersonic airliner.

Both writers were involved heavily in the whole project as members of staff of the British Aircraft Corporation and, before Bristol Aircraft Ltd. Both travelled widely in connection with Concorde's overseas demonstration tours to many parts of the world.

Their work here is re-published on the internet to allow everyone to share with them their great journey which up until now was lost, apart from those fortunate to still have copies of this very rare book. It is not intended to infringe any copyright which remains that of the authors.


Also have a look at a pictorial diary of a flight testing day with the British Prototype, 002, at Fairford.