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Concorde has flown in many other roles other than simply carying fare paying passngers. Remember the 'Pepsi Concorde' or the 4 Concordes flying in formation to celebrate its 10th aniversary. These events will be covered in detail in this section.
To celebrate 10 years of revenue service for British Airways, the airline flew 4 Concordes in the "Concorde" formation to celebrate the milestone.
(Picture from British Airways)
Concorde G-BOAG at the Royal International Air Tatto held at Fairford in 1985. Concorde was flying in formation with the RAF's Aerobatics Team the "Red Arrows" on one of it's first outings since is return to service after a long layoff. British Airways were showing off their New "Landor" Livery. This was the first Concorde and one of the first BA aircraft to have this livery applied.
Picture by Tony Rogers
Concorde has flown many times with the RAF Red Arrows. On this occasion G-BOAA flew with them to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Heathrow, with a fly past on the 2nd of June 1996. Concorde was commanded on this occasion by Captain Mike Bannister.
(Picture from British Airways)
This was one of the first times that a production spec Concorde flew with the Red arrows. Here Concorde 202, G-BBDG, flies with the team in their trademark red BAe Hawk trainer aircraft in the early 80's. Soon after this picture was taken Concorde G-BBDG was retired from service and stored at Filton.
Possibly the first time the Red Arrows flew with Concorde is shown in this picture. Here the UK pre-production Concorde 01, G-AXDN, is seen in formation with the RAF team.
Queen's Jubilee Flypast - June 4th 2002
The formation also included: a Eurofighter (Typhoon), a C-17 Globemaster, a TriStar, Tornados, an E3 Sentry, a VC10, Jaguars, a Nimrod, Canberras, a BAe 146 and a pair of BAe125s.

RAF Pool Picture

A list of the times Concorde flew with the 'Reds' is available here
Air France Concorde : F-BTSD was painted in a "Pepsi" Livery for 2 weeks during 1996
(Picture by Dayot-Jean-Charles)
F-BTSD in it's "Pepsi" colours lands in 1996. The Concorde was painted in Blue as a PR stunt for Pepsi who were re-launching their brand from being mainly to a mainly "Blue" look.
(Picture by Jose M. Palacios)
For a more information on the Pepsi Concorde go and read this article at Air Transport Business
Concorde has never flown in any other Airline livery (apart from 1 side of G-BOAD in Signapore Airlines colours) This modified picture shows how Concorde would have looked in the Braniff airlines livery if, as planned, some of the BA/AF fleet were to be painted if the joint venture had been a success in 1980.

Exactly fifty years from the the world's first scheduled passenger jet service on the de Havilland Comet, on May2nd 1952, the UK's Royal Mail celebrates the dawn of the jet age in civil aviation with the launch of the Airliners stamps. Britain pioneered jet engine development and Royal Mail uses the anniversary to acknowledge the technological advancements and achievements in British aviation; from the first jet airliner through the Concorde era and onto the the very latest Airbus 340-600.

A British Airwasy Concorde crew of today helped launch the stamp at Heathrow Airport, Left to right they are

Vanessa Pritchard, Cabin Crew
Jonathan Napier, Senior First Officer
Louise Nunn, Cabin Services Director
Les Brodie - Captain
Frank Ford - Senior Engineer Officer